A journal of Food Adventures
by writer/photographer Julie Ann Fineman
and writer Lee Glenn

About Julie, Lee, and Saralynn

About Julie      

Destinations on this odyssey reflect the diverse attitudes and beliefs that make up what’s happening now in the progressive food movement. Passionate and thought provoking, these attitudes and beliefs are sometimes assertive, frequently conflicting, and oftentimes hard to distill. They are the patchwork-quilt of our present-day landscape. These nomadic stories bring the farm right home to your table.

Ride shotgun on this journey across the American landscape with Julie, Lee, and Saralynn – whose photos and stories are featured on the Huffington Post. These tales chronicle the people, places, and techniques that are transforming our food and the food industry to create a healthier you. Our focus is innovative professionals who are pushing the boundaries of a more sustainable food supply: farmers & agro-ecologists, winemakers & beekeepers, butchers & bakers, specialty grocers & scientists, manufacturers & distributors, and chefs & artisan food purveyors who each value locally sources foods and are keeping it real.

"I think obsessions are the heart and soul and mind's ways of leading you to learn new things and grow in new ways. When you follow them you expose a light into areas where perhaps there is a secret message for you." – Maria Rodale